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Episode Two: Pet Shop in Space

 Episode two: Pet shop in space

Written By Elegant Soul

Pet Store from Space



By Elegant Soul

Act I

Jack (voice-over {v. o.}): Over the last two weeks, people have gone missing.

Jack (v. o.): Mostly homeless people and runways, from the reports, as if no one will care if these people disappeared.

Jack (v. o.): We care.

Gwen (startled): Oh, my God!

Jack (walking up to Gwen, shining his flashlight in the same cage): What is it?

(He then sees two children inside the cage, but there is something different about them. One of the children is a 13-year-old girl, but she has ears of a rabbit. She is holding onto an 11-year-old boy, but he has ears and horns of a goat. They both look terrified. Before Jack could think, Tosh gets his attention.)

Tosh (off-screen): Over here!

(Gwen and Jack run to Tosh. She stands in front of another cage. Tosh’s flashlight shines inside this cage. The others look inside. There are more people with animal features inside this cage as well. In fact, in every cage are people with animal features.)

Owen (looking at the changed people): What the . . .

Ecirc’s voice (off-screen): WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

(The lights are turned on. The team turns around, their weapons raised. They face a woman; there are guards by her sides, aiming their weapons at the team.)

Ecirc: Who are you?

Jack: Torchwood. Heard of us?

Ecirc: I don’t care. Get out!

Jack: I’m afraid we can’t do that. (He quickly glances back to the people in the cages, before facing Ecirc again): What did you do to these people?

(Ecirc doesn’t respond.)

Jack (getting ready to shot): Don’t make me ask the question again.

(Some of the guards get in front of Ecirc, getting ready to fire on the team.)

(Jack realizes that if the guards open fire on them, there’s a good chance they might hit the people in the cages. Jack gives the rest of his team a look and quickly nods to them. The others understand Jack’s silent message, and they all begin lowering their weapons.)

Ecirc: Well, that’s more like it. Now, how about you-

Jack: Scatter!

(Jack, Gwen, and Ianto run one direction, while Tosh and Owen run in the opposite direction. Ecirc fumes, as the guards chase after the team.)

Scene 2

(Jack, Gwen, and Ianto run down a hallway; shots are fired from both sides. They make a turn down another hallway to reload their weapons.)

Jack (while reloading): So Gwen . . . how’s Rhys?

Gwen (while taking out another cartridge): Oh . . . he’s okay . . . (when she’s finished reloading her gun, she fires a few rounds around the corner) He’s on a business trip right now; won’t be home for a week.

Jack (after firing a few rounds): Let him know we said "Hi," okay? (He turns to Ianto) Cover us?

(Ianto nods, and covers Gwen and Jack as they run down the new hallway.)

Scene 3

(Tosh and Owen are seen running down a different hallway. They soon run down a corridor. As they run, a guard gets out a strange weapon {probably alien} and fires at them. The weapon emits a crescent-shaped energy pulse that goes in a straight line.)

Owen (poking his head around the corner): Where did they that?

Tosh (off-screen, dragging Owen away): Later!

Scene 4

(A large room is shown; it looks like a cross between a lab and a storage room. One of the walls is covered with rows of shelves. Each shelf is filled with huge canisters; each canister is filled with a different colored liquid. The team enters the room from opposite sides.)

Ianto (looking around): Great. Now what?

(Before anyone can answer, the guards enter the room. The guard with the strange weapon fires on them. The energy beam hits the team. They are pushed backwards, and collide with the shelf. The team slumps to the ground, unconscious. However, the impact of the collision forces the canisters loose, and they fall from the shelves. The canisters break open when they hit the floor, and shower the team with their contents. One of the canisters lands on a counter, and the top falls off. The liquid inside the canister pours out, and drips down the edge. The liquid falls, and lands . . . on Jack’s lips.)





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