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Episode Two: Act 3

Episode Two: Pet shop from Space
By Elegant Soul

Pet Store from Space


Scene 1


(The setting is an expensive-looking living room, with several doors. Soon Gwen and Ianto are roughly escorted into the room.)

Guard (off-screen, when Gwen and Ianto are in the room, and shutting the door behind them): You have an hour.

(The door is locked behind them. Ianto stares at the locked door, as Gwen examines the living room.)

Ianto (thinking over what the guard said, and looks a little confused): An hour? What does that mean?

Gwen (seeing someone familiar): Tosh!

(Tosh and Owen are shown. Tosh has her hand on Owen’s wrist. They both look up when Gwen calls Tosh’s name.)

Tosh (smiling): Gwen!

(The women hug each other, and look sympathetically at each other’s changes. Owen and Ianto stand a foot apart, examining each other. Owen then shyly waves at Ianto, who waves back at Owen.)

Owen (looking over Ianto): So, those wings . . . do they work?

Ianto (lifting up one of his wings, and examines it): Not that much. I can’t really hold anything.

Owen: Not that. I mean . . . well; can you fly?

Ianto (putting his wing back down, and looks at Owen): Oh, that. I haven’t really tried; probably look real stupid doing so.

Owen (quickly and softly, as he walks pass Ianto to greet Gwen): You said it, not me.

Ianto (looking at Owen with a puzzled expression on his face): What?

(Another door is opened, and Jack is shoved into the room.)

Guard (off-screen, when Jack is in the room, and shutting the door behind him): You have an hour.

Jack (turning around after the door is locked behind him, sarcastically): Thank you for being vague!

Gwen (seeing Jack): Jack!

(Jack turns around and sees the rest of his team. He smiles and greets each of them.)

(He greets Gwen first. They hug.)

Jack (letting her go a little, and with a teasing smile): Why, Gwen, are you purring?

Gwen (a little embarrassed): I am?

Jack (patting her shoulder reassuring, still smiling): It’s okay.

(He hugs Tosh next. When he gets to Owen, they both look over each other. Soon Jack shakes Owen’s hand; Owen responds by weakly smiling back. Finally Jack sees Ianto. Jack looks a little shocked, while Ianto looks uncomfortable. They both examine each other. Jack then reaches over, and runs his fingers over one of Ianto’s wings. Jack smiles.)

Jack (looking at Ianto, still smiling): Soft. (Ianto smiles back.)

Gwen: Jack, what happened to us?

(Jack indicates the others to sit down; Owen politely declines. After the others sit down, Tosh remembers something.)

Tosh: Before we start, I think Owen should talk.

(She looks at Owen, who looks like he’s been caught off-guard. Tosh gives him a persistent, but encouraging, look. Owen finally sighs in defeat.)

Owen: I believe . . . I’m . . . a little more alive.

(The others look curious.)

Owen: I mean; I can breath now, but still no pulse. Then there’s this.

(Owen shows the palm of his hand where he was cut, but now a leathery pad, like an animal’s pad, covers the cut. The nail on his pinkie finger has grown considerably longer, looking more like a claw. The skin on his pinkie finger looks a little darker, and a little hairier as well. Owen then shows everyone the wound on his chest. There is a patch of coarse dark brown fur covering his wound.)

Owen: (after straighten out his shirt): I didn’t’t notice it at first, but after Tosh and I came into this room, my hand started to feel uncomfortable-Oh, yes, my sense of touch came back-so I took off the glove and saw . . . this.


Owen: Oh, my sense of smell has increased a bit, and my hearing too.

Tosh: Whatever they did to us, it’s trying to heal Owen.

Jack: I don’t think this was deliberate. (The others look at Jack) Do you remember the room we were in before we were knocked out? (Some of them nod, some of them say "yes") I think that place was used to store . . . from what I heard . . . formulas . . . that combine animal and human DNA. (The others look shocked) I believe when we were out, some of the formulas were spilled onto us, somehow gotten into our systems, and changed us.

Ianto (after a while): This was all an accident? (Jack nods back.)

Gwen: But why would someone want to do this?

Jack: The woman in charge of this operation, Helen Ecirc (he looks around) whose mansion I think we’re in, is in business with aliens. She trades humans for money. Ecirc injects people with this formula, so if they do escape, they can’t integrate back into human civilization.

(The others look horrified hearing this. Owen is the first to recover.)

Owen (thinking about something): So you really think this is Ecirc’s mansion? (Jack nods) Well, then I don’t mind doing this.

(Owen sits down on the nearest expensive-looking chair. He smiles mischievously and puts his feet up on a coffee table, as everyone hears the chair rip underneath Owen. Jack has a small smile on his face; Tosh and Gwen try to hide their smiles, while Ianto just groans.)

Ianto (somewhat chiding): Owen, that’s . . . that’s . . . just plain childish.

Tosh (looking at Jack): Jack, what’s going to happen to us? I mean is Ecirc planning to . . . sell us?

(The expression on Jack’s face gives them the answer; they all look alarmed.)

Gwen (realizing something): This is why they brought us together . . . to give us hour . . . to say good-bye.

Ianto: We got to escape.

Jack (a little frustrated): I know that! (Calms down) Look, we don’t have any of our equipment, outnumbered, and . . ..

Tosh: Even if we do escape, how do we find each other?

(Everyone begins thinking of an answer.)

Owen (coming up with an idea): Hang on; I can smell you. (The others look a little confused) You know what I mean. I told you my sense of smell has increased a bit. (Looks around) How about the rest of you?

Gwen (curious): How exactly does it work?

Owen: Well, you just take in a deep breath, and then just let it go.

(Jack decides to go first. He deeply inhales, and then exhales.)

Jack (almost slipping out of his seat): Whoa! (The others look a little worried, but Jack just straighten himself out and laughs) That was a rush. (He smells again, and smiles) I can smell . . . each of you, your own unique scent, and more. (He looks at Ianto) New aftershave? (Ianto reluctantly nods back) Not bad.

(Gwen tries next. She deeply inhales, and then exhales.)

Gwen (her eyes widen a little, and she giggles): Oh, my! It’s faint, but I can smell each one of you.

Jack (looking at Owen and smiling): Owen, you’re a genius.

Owen (smug): I know.

Ianto: Well, now we know how to find each other, how do we escape?

(Everyone thinks.)

Tosh: We need a plan.

Ianto: We need help.

Jack (his eyes light up): Glaucus.

Gwen: Who?

Jack: Ecirc’s assistant, or more precisely, her slave: both for work and sex. It’s obvious he doesn’t like what’s going on.

Tosh: Are you sure?

Jack: He’s the one who arranged us to meet. I guess he pulled through for us. (He looks a little concerned.)

Ianto: What?

Jack: In exchange for us to meet, Glaucus . . . I don’t want to imagine what Ecirc is doing to him right now. (The others look slightly sick.)

Tosh (trying to change the subject): So, this Glaucus . . . what does he look like?

Jack: Thin built, blue eyes, brown hair with blue and green streaks . . . oh, he looks like a merman.

Tosh (looking at Owen): Owen, didn’t’t you say you saw a merman?

Owen (remembering): Yeah, he was watching us. From what I saw, he fits Jack’s description. (He looks a little puzzled) Exactly, how do you do it with a merman?

Jack (trying not to look disgusted): Not now, Owen.

Ianto (remembering): I think we encountered him too. (The others look at them) Well, I only heard a splash, but Gwen says she heard a man’s voice.

Tosh: What did he say?

Gwen: "I’m sorry." Do you think it was Glaucus?

Jack: That could be him. (Comes up with a plan) If any of us sees Glaucus, try getting him to talk. I believe he’s the only one who is willing to help us. In the meantime, don’t act too resistance or like you just given up. Any change of behaviour will be too suspicious. Save your strength for when we escape.

Ianto: Jack, what if it’s gets too late and . . . Ecirc already has aliens waiting to buy us?

Jack (a little stern): Keep up the act; don’t encourage or discourage them. (The others look confused) If the only way to escape is being sold, then that’s what we have to do, but that is the last option. Trying to get to Glaucus is our first priority.

(The others nod in agreement.)

Gwen (realizing something): Jack, what about the other people?

Jack (looking at Gwen and smiling): Don’t worry; we will save them. (He then looks at everyone, still smiling) In fact, we’re going to take Ecirc’s operation down. No one sells Torchwood and gets away with it. 




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