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Episode 2: Act 5

Episode Two: Pet shop from space

By Elegant soul

Pet Store from SpaceAct V

Scene 1

(Glaucus is shown in a pool. He has a few laptops in front of him, and is working on one of them. There is music in the background. [Note: I am open to any suggestions of a song.] Glaucus looks at the monitor of another laptop, which shows the team in their cages.)

(Cut to Ecirc greeting the alien customers. Next is a scene of the aliens looking at the team and their reactions. Go back to Glaucus, who is working on the same laptop. He then press a key, and a disk comes out of the laptop. Glaucus looks at the monitor again.)

(Each member of the team is shown; they don’t look pleased at the idea of being sold. Cut to Glaucus taking out another disk. He then works on another laptop. Cut to a scene of Ecirc chatting to potential buyers of the team.)

(A scene of Glaucus still working on the laptop is shown. The Torchwood team sees who has brought them. The guards open the doors of their cages.)

(Jack is shown sitting on the floor, when the door of his cage is opened. He looks up when the guards enter his cage. One of them holds a light blue leash with a collar attached to it. Jack slowly gets up, and puts on his coat. Cut to Glaucus finishing typing. He then looks up, as if saying a silent prayer. Glaucus then presses a key, and dives into the water.)

(The scene goes back to Jack. Just as the guard is about to put the collar on Jack, the lights go out. Everyone is confused, except for the Torchwood team, who take this opportunity to fight their way out. The background music ends.)

Ecirc (off-screen, sounding demanding): Why aren’t the back-up generations working?

Guard (off-screen): Someone disconnected them.

(Ecirc fumes. Jack is shown punching out a guard. He then sniffs the air, and runs down a hall. Tosh and Owen are seen next. Tosh is removing a gun from an unconscious guard, while Owen looks around. One guard tries to attack Owen from behind, but that guard has forgotten what’s on Owen’s back. Owen turns around when he feels someone touch his back. He sees the guard screaming in pain. Owen decides to end the guard’s misery, and hits him. Owen and Tosh then run off. Gwen and Ianto are then shown. Gwen kicks a guard to the ground, while more guards try to surround Ianto. Ianto slams his wings into the guards, and they fall to the ground unconscious.)

Ianto (looking at his wings): I guess they’re useful after all.

(Ianto then follows Gwen into another room.)

(Cut to the team entering the wine cellar. Jack instructs them to go. Before Jack leaves, he hears a splash.)

Glaucus (off-screen): Jack?

Jack (turning around): Glaucus?

(Jack sees Glaucus in a high pool. He then pulls Glaucus out of the pool, and carries him out, using the fireman’s carry.)

Scene 2

(The scene is a grassy hill at night. The Torchwood team runs to the top of the hill and stops. Jack is the last to arrive. He places Glaucus carefully on the ground.)

Jack (to his team): Excuse me.

(Jack then gets on his hands and knees, and shake himself dry like a fox. When he’s done, he looks up and sees the rest of his team giving him odd looks.)

Jack (to himself, as he stands up): Got to change back.

Owen (looking at Glaucus): You were cutting it close.

Glaucus: Sorry. I hope this makes it up. (He reaches in his satchel and takes out two computer disks) This disk contains my research. Hopefully you can create an antidote to reverse the process from it. The other disk has the schematics of Ecirc’s mansion on it. My satchel is waterproof, so there is no damage to them.

(Jack takes the disk that has the schematics on it, while Owen takes the disk that has Glaucus’s research on it. They put the disks away.)

Gwen (looking at Ecirc’s mansion which is still dark): Should we get going? Before Ecirc sends her people after us?

Glaucus: That’s not Ecirc. (Everyone looks at Glaucus) Ecirc’s first priority is the customers. She’s probably convincing them to stay. Then she’ll send her people to look for us.

Ianto: Then how are we going to get back to The Hub? Walk?

Jack (coming up with an idea): Glaucus, do you know what Ecirc did with our SUV?

Glaucus (after thinking): Actually, on the inventory of items she confiscated from you, I don’t remembered seeing it.

Jack: Then there’s the possibility that Ecirc didn’t find our van? (Glaucus nods) We can go back to the warehouse first, and hopefully we can drive our way back to The Hub.

Tosh: Where is it?

(Glaucus looks around, getting his bearings.)

Glaucus: If I’m right . . . her warehouse is just a few blocks from here.

Jack (sighing): I guess we will have to walk then.

Owen (looking at Jack like he’s gone nuts): What? Walk? We’ll be shot if we’re seen!

Jack (trying to sound calm): Then we won’t let ourselves be seen. (Jack then sniffs the air and smiles) I think I can find our way there. (He starts to walk off) Ianto, take Glaucus.

(Ianto looks at Glaucus, then back at Jack.)

Ianto: What? Me?

(Jack stops, and looks back.)

Jack: Do you want Owen to carry him? (Owen has a mischievous smile on his face) Besides, Owen will be too busy talking to Glaucus.

(Owen’s smile fades.)

Owen: About what?

Glaucus: I would like to know more about your condition.

Owen: I am not telling him!

Jack: Sure you will. In exchange, Glaucus will tell you his story and his first name. (He turns around, and starts walking off again) Let’s get moving, people!

(Ianto sighs. He then picks Glaucus, and carries him, using the fireman’s carry. Ianto then follows Jack.)

Owen (as he and the rest of the team follow Jack): So, what is your first name?

Glaucus (sighing): Elmo.

Scene 3

(This next scene are clips of the team walking back to the warehouse, trying not to be seen, Glaucus and Owen sharing stories, and the team’s reaction when they hear Glaucus’s past. Music is played in the background. [Again, I am open to suggestions to the song that is played in the background.] When the scene ends, the background music stops.)

Scene 4

(The Torchwood team is shown walking back to the warehouse. Jack and Gwen are in the lead, Ianto carrying Glaucus are in the middle, and Owen and Tosh are behind them.)

Glaucus (trying to make sense of Owen’s story): So, wait . . . you’re like . . . a . . . living corpse?

Owen (thinking over Glaucus’s words): I guess that’s one way of putting it. So, you understand then?

Glaucus: Not really. (Owen opens his mouth to speak) No, don’t try explaining it again. (Owen closes his mouth) If I try to comprehend what happened to you any longer, blood would start coming out of my nose, and I’ll start muttering nonsense.

(Jack laughs and smiles.)

Jack (looking back at Glaucus, still smiling): It’s good to see you still have a sense of humor.

(Jack then looks forward. He then notices Gwen holding herself out of the corner of his eye)

Jack (looking at Gwen, a little concerned): You okay?

Gwen: Just a little chilly.

Jack (taking off his coat, and draping it over Gwen): Here.

Gwen (when his coat is on her, smiling a little): Thank you.

(One of Jack’s fox ears twitched to the side, focusing on Gwen, and he smiles.)

Jack (smiling): Are you purring again?

(Gwen blushes.)

Ianto: Jack, can we stop for a moment? My wing-

(Everyone stops, and looks at Ianto.)

Ianto (stopping and correcting himself): -Arm, arm. My arm is starting to feel sore.

Jack: Sure, we can stop. I can take over if you want.

Glaucus (looking around): I think we’re half way there.

Tosh: That’s good.

(Ianto gently puts Glaucus down on the ground. Jack walks over to Glaucus and lifts him up, planning to carry Glaucus on his back. While Jack is busy with Glaucus, the rest of the team hears a small crash, and they look towards the source of the sound. Across the street, are a group of college-aged guys, with beer in their hands. The guys stare at the Torchwood team. When Jack finally stands up with Glaucus on his back, he notices the guys staring across the street. There is an awkward moment of silence.)

Jack (to the guys): Official Torchwood business, people.

(The guys then cheer and applaud at the Torchwood team. The guys continue shouting their praises as the team walks off.)


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