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Episode Two: Act 7

 Episode Two: Pet shop from space
By Elegant soul

Pet Store from Space


Scene 1


(The scene starts off with a shot of some warehouses at night. Guards patrol the area. Suddenly, a black round disk slides in front of them. One of the guards bends down to examine it. Before he can touch it, the disk emits a blinding light, which causes the guards to fall on the ground unconscious.)

(Gwen and Owen appear from the side, and look around.)

Gwen: I think that’s the last of them.

(Gwen goes over to the unconscious guards and searches them, while Owen looks around. Soon Gwen finds the keys, and hands some of them to Owen. They walk to the door of one of the warehouses, and Gwen unlocks it. When they’re inside, they see people with animal features inside cages; they look frighten. Gwen and Owen walk up to one of the cages. As Gwen looks in the cage, Owen unlocks the door.)

Gwen (whispering in a gentle voice to the people): Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Scene 2

(A guard is shown falling to the ground inside a building; Ianto stands above him. He then searches the guard, and pulls out a key card. Ianto then walks over to a door and uses the key card to unlock it. When he’s inside, Ianto sees canisters of the formula lining the walks. Glaucus is also there, waiting in a pool. Ianto walks over to Glaucus, and takes something out from one of his pockets of his jacket.)

Glaucus (looking at Ianto): Now what?

Ianto (handing Glaucus items that resembles marbles): Here. Spread them across the rooms containing the formula.

Glaucus (looking at the items in his hand): What are they?

Ianto: From what I heard, once I active them, they will vaporize any inanimate object inside a building, without actually damaging the building itself.

Glaucus (examining the items in his hand, with a tiny smile on his face): Interesting.

Scene 3

(A hallway of Ecric’s mansion is .Soon a guard is shown being thrown down the hall. Jack is then seen, and he checks the area. Once the coast is clear, he looks back and nods. Tosh then follows Jack down the hallway. They stop when they reach a certain door. As Tosh uses her skills to open the electronic lock, Jack guards her. Tosh soon unlock the door, and they enter the room.)

(Ecirc’s trophy room is full of boxes filled with items; some of them are alien, and some of them are advance human technology. Jack and Tosh soon locate the box that contains their items. They gather up their stuff and put them away.)


Gwen (off-screen, over the com): All of the captives are freed.

Owen (off-screen, over the com): We’re halfway done.

Jack: We’re heading over to Ecirc’s office. Can you try to convince them to stay until we’re done?

(Slight pause.)

Gwen (off-screen, over the com): We’ll try.

Jack: Good. (Pause) Ianto, how are you doing?

Ianto (off-screen, over the com): Everything is set up. All I need is your word to detonate it.

Jack: Good. You know where to meet us. (He looks over to Tosh) You ready?

(Tosh nods back, and they start to leave the room. However, something catches Jack’s eye, and he stops. Jack walks over to another box and pulls out what looks like handcuffs made out of heavier material. There is a square pad in the middle that kind of looks like a calculator. Jack smiles, and takes it with him as he leaves the room.)

Scene 4

(Ecirc’s office is shown. It looks like an expensive office with a couple of doors, and a pool. Ecirc is seen talking on the phone, pacing back and forth.)

Ecirc (on the phone): Yes, your order is ready . . . No, your special placement has not been . . . retrieved . . . I know what you paid . . . What do you mean you want your money back? . . . Fine! How about you come over here and search for yourself?!

(Ecirc slams down the phone. She then lowers her head and sighs in frustration.)

Jack (off-screen): Not that good, huh?

(Ecirc looks up and sees Jack and Tosh.)

Jack: We tried knocking, but you didn’tt answer. I thought of kicking the door down, but then I thought it would be too dramatic. You know; if you really want no one disturbing you, try locking the door.

(Ecirc soon recovers from the shock of seeing the Torchwood team, and tries to escape through another door. However, just as Ecirc opens the door, Owen and Gwen walk through that door; their guns pointed at Ecirc. Ecirc backs up, as Owen and Gwen enter her office. As Owen closes the door behind him, Ianto enters Ecirc’s office through the door behind Jack and Tosh.)

Jack (not looking at the people he’s talking to, as he takes out his gun): Ianto, Owen, would you please lock the doors?

Ianto (as Owen locks a door): Certainly.

(After that, the rest of the team joins up with Tosh and Jack.)

Ecirc (raising her hands up in the air, nervously smiling): Why-Captain Jack-you changed back . . . your team as well-what a pleasant surprise.

Jack (aiming his gun at Ecirc, and giving Tosh a quick glace): Tosh, do your thing.

(Tosh walks up to Ecirc’s computer, and begins working.)

Ecirc (looking at Tosh, sounding slightly nervous): What’s-what’s she’s doing?

Jack: Oh, we have a surprise for you, Ecric. You’re going to be broke.

Ecirc (horrified): What?! NO!

(Ecirc tries to stop Tosh, but she freezes when she hears the clicks of guns.)

Ecirc (looking at the other members of the team, still smiling nervously): Look . . . can’t we work something out? Can I . . . least have some of the money?

(The rest of the team takes a step forward towards Ecirc.)

Ecirc (coming up with an idea): Oh, I know! How about a trade?

(She begins pulling something out of her pocket.)

Jack: What are you taking about?

(Ecirc pulls out a small square, almost flat-looking, plastic box. There is something inside the box, but it’s hard to see what’s inside.)

Ecirc (showing everyone the box): Do you see this? This contains the last of Glaucus’s original DNA. In you hands, you can find a way to change him back. I’ll let you have it if you let me keep a thousand. If you still continue, I’ll . . . destroy it! I’m serious! So what do you say, a thousand?

(There is a click coming from Ianto’s gun.)

Ecirc (backing up, staring to sound nervous): Five hundred?

(Gwen takes a step forward.)

Ecirc (backing up more, sounding a little bit nervous): A hundred?

(Jack aims his gun at Ecirc’s head.)

Ecirc (backing up, sounding more nervous): Fifty?

(Owen takes a step forward.)

Ecirc (she can’t back up any more, since she hit the wall. She sounds really nervous): Ten?

(Tosh is finished what she’s doing. She then joins the rest of the team, and aims her gun at Ecirc.)

Ecirc (frowning, angry): Fine then!

(Before anyone could stop her, Ecirc throws the box down. Even though it breaks when it hits the floor, Ecirc stomps on the remaining pieces.)

Ecirc (looking at them when she’s done): There! You’re selfish! All of you! You’re all selfish! What would Glaucus say when he hears this?

Glaucus (off-screen, sounding slightly curious): About what?

(The Torchwood team turns around and sees Glaucus in the pool. They look a little worried, wondering how to explain what happened to Glaucus. They don’t realize it, but they have lowered their guns. Ecirc sees her chance, and runs over to Glaucus.)

Ecirc (when she reaches Glaucus, trying to sound pitiful and slightly overdramatic): Glaucus! I tired to trade with them! I had your original DNA with me! I just wanted some of my money in return, but they refused! So I destroyed it! I’m so sorry!

(Glaucus looks at the Torchwood team. He can see it their eyes that what Ecirc’s says is true. They look a little guilty.)

Glaucus (looking at everyone, with a tiny smile, sounding calm): Then, it’s okay.

(The team looks a little confused, but relieved. Ecirc looks confused and shocked.)

Ecirc (confused and shocked): What?

Glaucus (still sounding calm): It’s okay.

Ecirc: (confused and frustrated): Aren’t you mad at them? They destroyed your only chance of changing back!

Glaucus (looking at the team): Not really. (He then looks at Ecirc, slightly frowning) I actually don’t mind my changes. Yes, I do miss my old life, but I guess I will just have to find my own way to change back. I do not need your help. (He mutters the next part, but everyone can hear him) You never helped me.

Ecirc (angry and shocked): What did you say? (Glaucus doesn’t respond) How dare you! All the things I did for you, and this is the thanks I get!

(Ecirc raises her hand, ready to strike Glaucus. However, before she can lower her hand, someone grabs her wrist. Ecirc turns to her side and sees Gwen holding her wrist. Gwen then twist Ecirc’s arm around back.)

Gwen (stern): You will not touch him.

(Gwen then pushes Ecirc away from her. Ecirc runs into Ianto, who throws Ecirc down on the ground. Tosh and Owen aim their guns at Ecirc, as Jack walks up to her, taking out the handcuffs. He presses a few buttons, and place the handcuffs on Ecirc. After Jack has the handcuffs on Ecirc, her hands fall to the ground. Ecirc tries to lift her hands back up, but she can’t. As she struggles to bring hands up, she looks up at Jack.)

Jack: Gravity handcuffs. Sometimes they’re really useful. (He then pulls out his gun. Ecirc’s eyes widen in fear.)

Ecirc: (scared): No, please. Don’t kill me.

Jack (serious): You change people so they can never return home. You then sell them for money. You wanted to sell my team and I! That’s when you went too far.

Ecirc (terrified, as Jack prepares to shot her): Please, don’t kill me.

Glaucus (off-screen, stern): Don’t.

(Jack growls in frustration as he looks at Glaucus. Ecirc looks a little hopeful.)

Jack (frustrated): Glaucus, if you-

Glaucus (sounding serious): The reason I don’t want you to shot Ecirc- (suddenly, there is banging on the doors. Inhuman yelling and complaining are coming from the other side. Glaucus looks at the doors, then back at Jack)-is because I don’t want her costumers mad at you.

(Jack looks at the doors, then back at Ecirc. He then looks at his team.)

Jack (putting away his gun): Well, I can’t argue with that logic.

(The rest of the team agrees, and put away their guns. Ecirc looks at them, shocked.)

Ecirc (frighten, looking at the team walking closer to Glaucus): No, wait! Take me with you! Don’t leave me!

(They ignore Ecirc’s pleading the background. The yelling gets louder, and the hinges start to give.)

Ianto (to Glaucus): Is there another way out of here?

Glaucus (indicating the closet): There’s actually a secret passageway through there.

Jack (smiling): Nice. (He looks at his team) Go ahead. I’ll get Glaucus.

(Ecirc begins to panic, as the Torchwood team starts to leave.)

Ecirc (looking at the team as they leave, sounding scared): Don’t do this to me! You can’t do this to me! Please, arrest me! Put me in jail! Lock me up! Just don’t leave me! (She sees Glaucus) Glaucus! (He looks at her) Save me, Glaucus! I’ll never hurt you or anyone else again! I’ll find a way to change you back! You can save me, Glaucus! Please, save me, Glaucus! (Glaucus’s expression on his face shows no emotion) Glaucus, I love you!

(Glaucus looks at Ecirc with the same expression. Ecirc looks a little hopeful. Glaucus then turns around.)

Glaucus (not facing Ecirc): Goodbye, Ally.

(Jack then gets Glaucus, and carries him out on his back. Ecirc looks deserted, as Jack, carrying Glaucus, leaves through the secret passageway. When they’re gone. Ecirc looks scared. Soon the doors break opened. Ecirc screams as the shadowy figures of aliens descend upon her.)

Scene 5

(The sun is starting to rise, and the inside of a warehouse is seen. The people with animal features are standing in a line. Ianto is standing in the front, talking, Owen is in the middle, giving people injections, and Tosh is next, handing out the pills and a cup of water. At the end of the line, are the people who changed back; they walk to a place and fall asleep.)

Ianto: Please stay in line. After you received the antidote, please take the pill to prevent the side effects of the shot. This way, please.

(From the side, Gwen is watching the process.)

Jack (off-screen): Hey.

(Gwen looks to the side and sees Jack, leaning against the doorway.)

Jack (smiling): Finished Retconning the guards?

(Gwen nods back, and looks at the people again. Jack walks next to Gwen, and watches the people with her.)

Jack: So what’s the problem?

Gwen: I just wish we could do more to help these people. I know we saved them from Ecirc, but I want to do more. They have nothing. No jobs, they don’t have any money, they don’t have homes. I feel we’re just throwing them back on the streets.

Jack: We’re doing all we can in our power, Gwen. They won’t have to live remembering this awful experience, Tosh is going to donate Ecirc’s money to local charities and homeless shelters, and like you said, they’re not going to be sold to aliens.

Gwen (sounding a little frustrated): I wish I could feel happy about that, but I’m not. Part of me wishes that they’d remember that someone helped them. I-

Jack (opening his arms): Come here. (Gwen goes to Jack, and they hug) God, I’m going to miss hearing you purr.

(Gwen playful lets Jack go, and teaseling hits him on the arm.)

Gwen (with a playful smile): Well . . . I have to admit; you did look adorable with those fox ears and tail. I wanted to pat you on the head.

(Jack smiles. He then puts his arm around Gwen, and leads her outside.)

Jack (as he and Gwen walk outside): Come on, there’s still one more person we can help, and we both know he will remember.

Jack (smiling, as he replaces his equipment): Welcome back. (When he’s done, he touches his com) Owen, Gwen, how are you doing?


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Apr. 14th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
Brilliant Episode, really looking for wards to more, if your doing more that is
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