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Episode Two: Act 4

Episode Two: pet shop from space
By Elegant souls


Pet Store from SpaceAct IVed

{Note: the song "Sweet Freedom" is from the movie Running Scared and is written/owned by Michael McDonald and Rod Temperton. Not me.}

Scene 1 or the Saga of Glaucus

(Jack is seen sitting on the floor of his cage, somewhat leaning against the bars. He is humming a song. Soon, he begins singing.)

Jack (singing, as his tail wags to the beat): We’ll be dancin’ in the moonlight

Smilin’ with the risin’ sun

Livin’ like we’ve never done

Goin’ all the way

Reachin’ out to meet the changes

Touchin’ every shining star

The light of tomorrow is right where we are

There’s no turnin’ back

From what I’m feeling

Shine, sweet freedom

Shine your light on me

You are the magic,

You’re right where I wanna be

Oh, sweet freedom, carry me along

We’ll keep the spirit alive, on and on

Guard (off-screen): Shut up!

Jack (standing up and facing the guard): What’s the problem?

Guard: Stop singing!

Jack (walking up the front of the cage): What am I suppose to do? I’m bored.

Guard: Do you want a piece of me?

Jack (showing his fangs): Go right ahead. I’m sure Ecirc doesn’t mind her goods being damaged.

Guard (angry): I’ll ‘damaged’ your ‘goods’ when I’m done with you.

Glaucus (off-screen, stern): Stop.

(The guard turns around to see Glaucus in the reservoir/aqua-duct.)

Guard: He provoked me!

Glaucus: That’s not what I saw. Take a break; you need to cool off. I’ll watch him.

(The guard doesn’t move.)

Glaucus (stern): Now.

(Jack smiles teasingly at the guard as he leaves. Jack then looks at Glaucus when the guard is gone.)

Jack (with a tiny smile): Thanks.

Glaucus: I should be thanking you. I like your singing. You have a great voice.

Jack (flattered and smiling): Why, thanks.

Glaucus (in a distant voice, as if he’s remembering something good): I miss . . . music. Ecirc doesn’t like music. It was nice to hear singing again.

(Jack then notices the bruises on Glaucus’s arms, and figures out what happened.)

Jack (trying to sound cheerful): Hey! I wanted to say thanks for letting me see my team again.

Glaucus (slightly smiling): Your welcome . . . They seem like good people.

Jack: They are. (Slight pause) So . . . Glaucus . . . I take it that’s your last name? (Glaucus nods) So, what’s your first name?

Glaucus (slightly embarrassed): Elmo.


Jack: So . . . Glaucus, what did Ecirc do to you? (Glaucus looks a little surprised) Come on. Even someone who’s blind can figure out you’re miserable here. As you heard, I’m bored. So, what happened?

(Glaucus looks uncertain at first, but finally he starts talking. When Glaucus talks, his story is shown in-between Glaucus’s talking and in flashbacks, as seen in "Adam" and "A Day in the Death." This symbol (*) means this kind of editing is happening.)

* Glaucus: I was a doctor, trying to find a way to reverse the damage caused by terminal diseases. Of course, you get more motivated when you’re diagnosis with a terminal disease yourself. Helen Ecirc funded my research. While I was working, I started to develop a crush on a scientist working in the same department. Her name was Ally Sc. I kept thinking about her when I wasn’t working. I wanted to get to know her more, but I was afraid that Ally might reject me if she knew what I was diagnosis with.

After many trails, I successfully found a way to replaced diseased human DNA with healthy animal DNA. My theory was that if the sick DNA was removed, then replaced by healthy DNA, the disease would go into remission. I tried human DNA, but the disease just attacked that DNA. However with animal DNA, the disease didn’t know what to do with this new DNA. In fact, in some trails, the healthy animal DNA was actually repairing the damage done by a terminal disease.

(Glaucus pause when he sees Jack thinking.)

Glaucus (curious): Yes?

Jack: Let’s say there’s this man . . . and . . . most of his body is . . . essentially dead, what would your formula do?

Glaucus (after thinking): Hypothetically, and depending on the dosage, it would try to repair the damage done to the body. It will take time, but his body would become healthy again. The side effect of this treatment, as you can guess, is the appearance of animal features which is the expression of the animal DNA.

Jack (to himself): That would explain Owen.

Glaucus (curious and confused): Who?

Jack (looking at Glaucus): I’ll tell you later. Go on, you did have a plan to change people back, right?

* Glaucus (slightly smiling): Yes. After the tests are done, and the disease is no longer present, I was planning to inject their own healthy DNA to reverse the process. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to go that far into my research, since I was starting to show early symptoms of my own terminal disease, and . . . I wouldn’t let it ruin my life.

I became my first test subject. I didn’t have enough time to stabilize the DNA of one animal, so I had to balance it out by mixing another animal DNA into it. The ‘prototype’ of my formula was a mixture of fish and dolphin DNA.

When the first formula was completed, I injected myself with it. It wasn’t painful, it felt . . . unusual. You can see the final results.

(Glaucus stops when he sees Jack looking a little confused.)

Jack (a little puzzled): I can see the fish part, but I don’t see where the dolphin comes in.

(Glaucus takes in a deep breath, and swings his tail over the edge, so Jack can see it more clearly. However, Glaucus accidentally splashes Jack.)

Glaucus: Sorry. (He indicates his tail) Members of Classes Actinopterygii, Actinistia, and Dipnoi have vertical tail fins; where as members of Order Cetaceans have horizontal tail fins. (He places his tail back into the water, accidentally splashing Jack again.)

Jack: Would you excuse me for a second? (Jack gets on his hands and knees, and shake himself dry like a dog, or more specifically, like a fox. After while, Jack stops, and realize what he did. He slowly gets back on his feet.)

Jack (to himself, as he looks at himself): Got to change back. (He looks at Glaucus, who doesn’t look fazed by Jack’s actions) Yeah . . . go on.

* Glaucus: After some time, I ran some tests. It was official; my disease was in remission. I wanted to tell everyone about my discovery. One of the first people I told was Ally. I thought she would be happy, (sounds sad) but . . . she was repulsed by my changes. I even told her that I liked her, but she only called me a freak, and said she never wanted to see someone so hideous ever again.

(Regular voice) Ecirc was informed of my success and she talked to me about my formula, but I was still thinking about Ally. Ecirc figured out that there was something on my mind, and I told her about Ally. Ecirc just smiled and said she’ll talk to Ally, and . . . I believed her. (Sounding sad and upset) Days later, Ecirc . . . boasted what she did to Ally. Ecirc injected her with an overdose of canine DNA . . . it overpowered her mind . . . turning her into a mindless monster. Ally killed 6 men before she was shot! Ecirc covered the whole thing up. I was horrified at what Ecirc did, and yet, I was curious why she did it.

(Jack nods, listening. Glaucus’s story sounds familiar to him, but he can’t figure out why; his expression on his face reflects his thoughts. As Jack tries to remember, he unconsciously scratches one of his fox ears. He soon stops, when he realize what he was doing.)

Jack (to himself, as he looks at his hand): Got to change back.

* Glaucus (continuing): Ecirc told me that now she had gotten rid of my ‘distractions,’ so I could now focus on her ‘bigger picture.’ She told me about her operation, and how my formula would prevent escapes. I was appalled, and refused her. That’s when . . . I don’t know what . . . she somehow knocked me out. I woke up in a field. I don’t know where I was. There was a shallow stream near by, but I barely survived. Ecirc left me there for 10 days! She then brought me back and told me to work for her or she’ll abandon me in a place where there is no visible source of water. She built this waterway so I can travel around her mansion. I am now the only one who creates most of the formulas.

(When Glaucus is done, he looks at Jack, who is silent.)

Glaucus (sounding a little defensive): I may be a coward to you, but after all I’ve been through, I . . . I . . . just didn’t want to die.

Jack (trying to reassure Glaucus): No, I don’t think that. Glaucus, we can help. (Glaucus looks a little surprised) You know we’re Torchwood, we can find a way to change you back, but you have to help us. Help us escape.

Glaucus: I don’t care what happens to me. I care about all those people Ecirc captured.

Jack: We can help them too, but we can’t do a thing here. Would you help us? (Glaucus looks uncertain) Believe it or not, we’re in the same situation. We’re both prisoners kept against our will by Ecirc. I want to help these people as mush as you do. I can see it. You hate it here. Come on, what else do you have to lose? If you free us, I’ll make sure Ecirc will never do this again. We can fix this. Glaucus, you can make things right again.

(Glaucus looks around; he then begins whispering. Jack doesn’t look sure if he can hear Glaucus, but to his surprise, his new fox ears pick up every sound.)

Glaucus (in a soft voice that only Jack can hear): I can’t do this for long; otherwise it would look pretty suspicious. Take me with you.

Jack (his fox ears twitch, trying to hear Glaucus): What?

Glaucus (in the same soft voice, looking straight at Jack): If I help you escape, will you take me with you?

(Jack looks uncertain.)

Glaucus (in the same soft voice): I can access all my research on my formula. I will give it to you, to help you find a way to reverse the process. I’ll access the layout of Ecirc’s compound to help you free the others, only if you take me with you. I will even help you find the antidote.

Jack (smiling): Deal.

Glaucus (after thinking, whispering): Tonight’s sale is the only opening I see. I will create a diversion. You will know what it is. There is a wine cellar that leads to the outside; Ecirc uses this to transport people to her mansion whenever she’s in business. It’s the closest means to escape.

(Jack nods.)

Jack: Where is it?

Glaucus (whispering): I don’t have time to tell you. (With a tiny smile) Just trust your new senses.

(Jack nods, but looks a little unsure.)

Jack: Wait, my team-

Glaucus (whispering): I will tell them.

Jack: That’s a big risk.

Glaucus (regular tone of voice): I know.

Jack (smiling): Glaucus, if this works, I’m going to kiss you.

(Glaucus looks unsure.)

Glaucus (uncertain): While I have nothing against that, it’s not necessary.

(Jack laughs a little, as Glaucus dives in the water and leaves.)

Scene 2

(Owen and Tosh are shown sitting in their cages. The guards outside tease them. Owen and Tosh try to ignore them.)

1st Guard (looking at Tosh): Well, aren’t you a pretty bird? Aren’t you going to sing for us? What’s the matter? Don’t like being stuck in a cage? Maybe the boss wouldn’t mind if I brought you.

(Tosh walks up to the guard.)

Tosh: I am going to say the polite version once: Take that stick up your bum, and lick it.

(Owen snickers, while the 1st Guard fumes. He looks like he’s going to attack Tosh. The 2nd Guard steps forward.)

2nd Guard: Now, now. I heard the best way to make a bird sing (he gets out a thin knife) is to split its tongue.

(The guards have wicked grins on their faces. Tosh looks nervous, while Owen looks concerned.)

Owen (standing up, trying to sound casual): So Tosh, like I was saying, the basic problem with vampires is the whole ‘chicken and the egg’ deal. For example, how did a vampire become a vampire? By getting bit by a vampire. Well, how did that vampire become a vampire? By getting bit by another vampire. Then how did that vampire become a vampire? By getting bit by a vampire. How did that vampire become a vampire? Well, by getting bit by a vampire. Then-

1st Guard (looking at Owen, annoyed): Shut up!

Owen (still sounding casual): Don’t like vampires, eh? What about zombies? That’s another creature I don’t get. How do you classify a zombie? Actually, I have a story about them that I can relate to-

(The guards go over to Owen’s cage.)

2nd Guard: Do we have to quiet you ourselves?

Owen (showing his spikes): Go right ahead. Only I have to warm you, one of us is coming out looking like he’s been in a car accident, and I know it’s not me.

(The 2nd Guard looks ready to fight Owen, but the 1st Guard restrains him.)

1st Guard (leaving): Let’s go. He’s not worth the trouble.

(The 2nd Guard glares at Owen, and then both of the guards leave.)

Tosh: (when the guards are gone, and looking at Owen): You didn’t have to do that. (Owen looks a little insulted) But thank you.

Owen (trying to sound casual): Not a problem.

(They both hear a splash, and they look toward the front of their cages. They see Glaucus, who begins whispering.)

Tosh (looking somewhat confuse): What-what are you saying? Owen, what’s he-

(She sees Owen concentrating on what Glaucus is whispering.)

Glaucus (in a regular tone of voice, looking at Owen, curiously): You’re Owen?

Owen: Yeah, what about it?

Glaucus: I would like to talk to you when we’re out. I must go now.

(Glaucus goes into the water and leaves.)

Tosh (looking at Owen): What-

(Owen makes a signal to be quiet.)

Tosh (in a softer tone of voice): What did he say?

Owen (whispering): Looks like Jack’s plan worked. Glaucus is going to help us escape. He didn’t go into much detail, but it looks like we’re leaving here tonight.

(Tosh smiles.)

Owen (regular tone of voice): Oh, yeah, he’s coming with us.

Tosh (regular tone of voice): Glaucus? (Owen nods and has a mischievous smile on his face) What?

Owen (still smiling): I get out from carrying him back to The Hub.

(Tosh realized what Owen is thinking, and gives him a half smile.)

Scene 3

(Gwen and Ianto are shown in their cages. A guard enters each of their cages, and places a tray of food on the ground, while another guard blocks the doorway of the cages. When the guards are done delivering the food, they leave the cages, while the other guards lock the doors behind them. Ianto looks at the food, and then walk to the front of the cage.)

Ianto (to the guards as they leave): Excuse me, but there’s a problem. You see, I can’t use the utensils because- (the guards leave the room. Ianto sighs) – I no longer have any fingers.

(Ianto sighs again, and looks at the tray of food.)

Ianto: What do they expect me to do? Dip my feathers in that, and lick it off? (Ianto pauses, and looks at Gwen) I said that out loud, didn’t I?

(Gwen reluctantly nods back. Ianto swears.)

Gwen (after picking up her tray): I could feed you.

Ianto (looking at Gwen): What?

Gwen: I could . . . feed you. (Ianto looks uncertain) What? Afraid Jack is going to be jealous?

(Ianto laughs a little, and Gwen joins him.)

Gwen (smiling): You’re right. Jack doesn’t seem like the jealous type.

(They both hear a splashing sound, and look to the front of their cages. They see Glaucus.)

Gwen (putting down her tray, and walking to the front of her cage. Ianto follows her): Are you Glaucus?

(Glaucus nods, and begins whispering. Ianto looks confuse, but he notices Gwen’s cat ears flicker, picking up every word Glaucus is saying. When he is done whispering, Glaucus goes into the water and leaves.)

(Gwen then looks at Ianto, and makes a sign to keep their voices low.)

Gwen (whispering): Glaucus told me that he’s going to find a way for us to escape, tonight. In exchange, he wants to come with us.

Ianto (regular tone of voice): I don’t see a problem with that. (He sees Gwen pick up her tray of food.)

Gwen (regular tone of voice): I guess we have to keep up our strength. (Ianto sighs) I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Ianto (almost groaning): Let’s get this over with.



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