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Epiosde Two: Act 6

Episode Two: Pet shop from space
By Elegant soul

Pet Store from Space

Act VI

Jack (after Glaucus is on the sofa): Glaucus, welcome to The Hub. Owen, start working on an antidote. Toshiko, help Owen out in any way you can. Ianto, find a tank big enough for our friend here. Gwen, go with Ianto and help him roll out the tank. Glaucus, once you get settled in, help Owen with the antidote.

Ianto (before anyone starts working): Wait.

(Everyone looks at Ianto, who kicks a beat-up looking cushion in front of Owen’s feet. Owen stares at the cushion, then back at Ianto.)

Ianto: I’m not replacing any chairs you ruin.

(Owen looks like he wants to argue, but Jack gives him a look that says ‘now-is-not-the-best-time-to-bicker.’)

Owen (sighing in defeat, and picking up the cushion): Fine.

(The next part are clips of Owen and Tosh looking over Glaucus’s research, Gwen rolling out a tank, and Jack filling up the tank with water. The last clip is of Jack placing Glaucus in the water-filled tank.)

(When Jack is done, he deeply exhales, tired, and sits down on a sofa. After a while, he looks around, as if someone touched him. Jack sees that Ianto is sitting next to him, and he is gently stroking Jack’s fox’s tail with one of his wings.)

Ianto: (stopping when Jack sees him, sounding embarrassed): Sorry.

Jack (with a tiny smile): It’s okay . . . It feels kind of nice. (Ianto starts stroking Jack’s tail again.)

Ianto (looking at Jack with a small smile): Soft. (Jack smiles back.)

Jack: How’s your arm?

(Ianto looks a little relieved that Jack said ‘arm,’ not ‘wing.’ Ianto stops what he’s doing and looks at his wing, flexing it a little.)

Ianto: It feels a little better now. Thanks.

(Jack then notices that something has caught Ianto’s attention. He sees that Ianto is staring at the water-filled tank.)

Jack (a little concerned): You okay?

Ianto (now looking at Jack): Just part of me wants to go into the water. (Jack gives him an odd look. Ianto tries to explain himself) I mean, geese are waterfowl, so . . . it’s only natural-

Jack (with a reassuring smile): It’s okay. I know the feeling. (Ianto looks a little confused, Jack rolls his eyes a little) Do you know how much I had to resist the urge to lick your face when I saw you?

(Ianto begins laughing, and Jack soon joins him.)

Scene 2

(Gwen enters the room that Jack and Ianto are in. She stops in the archway when she sees them, and then the audience sees what Gwen sees.)

(Jack and Ianto have fallen asleep next to each other. Ianto has his head resting on Jack’s shoulder, and Jack has his face leaning against Ianto’s head. One of Ianto’s wings is draped over Jack, looking like a feathery blanket. While Jack’s tail is circled around Ianto’s waist, looking like a furry belt.)

(Gwen smiles as she looks at them. After a while, Gwen clears her throat, and knocks on the wall. One of Jack’s fox ears twitches, hearing Gwen. Jack opens his eyes, and Ianto slowly gets up when he feels Jack move. Ianto removes his wing around Jack, while Jack unwinds his tail around Ianto’s waist.)

Gwen (still smiling): I think we found the antidote.

(Jack and Ianto follow Gwen to where Tosh, Owen, and Glaucus are. They see a tray with five high-tech looking syringes on it.)

Owen: Right. The short version is that I used DNA from our blood samples to reverse the process. (He says the next part real fast, so no one can interrupt him) So, any volunteers, then? No? I guess I’ll go first.

Glaucus (as Owen reaches for one of the syringes): Are you sure you want to do this? (Owen stops, and gives Glaucus a confused look) If you just wait a little longer . . . maybe my formula could . . . bring life back into you.

(Owen sighs.)

Owen (looking at Glaucus): Look, I don’t have time waiting for your formula to work. Being a half hedgehog will just get in my way. Sorry . . . but that’s not going to work for me.

(Glaucus looks a little disappointed.)

Owen: However . . . it was nice to feel alive again, even for a short time, so . . . I thank you for that. (Glaucus smiles, and Owen smiles a little back. He then picks up a syringe and inspects it) Yeah, this one’s mine. I put our initials on them so we won’t pick up the wrong one. Who knows what will happen then?

(He then prepares the syringe and himself. Owen then laughs.)

Owen: I don’t know why I’m doing this; guess you can’t be too careful. (He then looks at everyone) Well, all good things must come to an end.

(He then injects himself with the antidote. At first, nothing happens. Then Owen notices the nail on his pinky finger grow shorter, and the skin on his hand become liter. The spikes on his back recede, shrinking back into his skin. Soon Owen has changed back.)

Glaucus: How do you feel?

Owen: Nothing. (Glaucus looks a little worried) But I guess that what you get for being-as you put it-a living corpse, right? (He looks at the cut on his hand) I’d best cover this up.

Ianto (off-screen): That’s not the only thing that needs to be covered up.

(Owen turns around. Gwen is covering her mouth, Tosh is trying not to laugh, Ianto has one of his wings covering his eyes, while Jack has a huge grim on his face. Owen then looks behind him, and starts swearing.)

Jack (as Owen tries to hide the revealing holes): Why, Owen, you never told me-

Owen: Just shut it, okay?

(Owen then leaves, grumbling, with his hands covering his behind.)

Ianto (removing his wing): That’s something I didn’t need to see.

(Jack walks up to the tray, and picks up his syringe.)

Jack (looking at the rest of his team): Come on, is ripped clothes that big of an issue?

(The others walk to the tray. Glaucus helps them prepare the other syringes and themselves. When he’s done, Glaucus turns around.)

Gwen (looking at Glaucus): Are you all right, Glaucus?

Glaucus (his back is still facing them, sounding slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed): I’m okay . . . I just think . . . you feel . . . better . . . without me . . . staring at you.

Tosh: Aw, Glaucus, you’re too polite.

Gwen: It’s nice to see a gentleman still exists.

Jack, Ianto, and Owen (who pokes his head around the corner): Hey!

(The other members of the Torchwood team inject themselves with the antidote. Soon, they see the antidote work. Jack watches his nails grow shorter, and the fur on his hands shrink underneath his skin. Ianto sees the feathers on his wings melt together, and change to a flesh color. His wings seem to ebb and flow like liquid. Soon, the feathers on his wing tips change to form fingers. Tosh watches the feathers on her arms recede and disappear. Gwen touches the top of her head, and smiles when she doesn’t feel cat ears on top of her head. She then looks behind her, and sees the cat’s tail is gone. Tosh runs her fingers through her hair and smiles when she doesn’t feel any feathers. Ianto examines his hands and flex his fingers. Jack run one of his hands over his jaw, and smiles when he doesn’t feel any fangs. Everyone has changed back.)

Ianto (looking around): Right . . . (he then tries to cover up the hole in his clothes) I think we should . . . change clothes . . . before we continue.

Jack (smiling, not making an effort to hide the hole in his clothes): Good idea. (He then looks at everyone): When you’re done, meet back here.

(Jack walks back to his office. As he walks, he hears someone giggle and someone whistle behind him. Jack smiles.)

Scene 3

(This takes place after the team has replaced their wreaked clothes. One of the computer screens is facing Glaucus, so he can see what’s going on. Owen places a metal canister on a table.)

Owen: With Glaucus’s help. I was able to synthesize enough antidote to change the rest of the people back. All I have to do now is to administer it to them.

Tosh (looking at Glaucus): Will it work on you, Glaucus?

Glaucus (sounding a little sad): I’m afraid not. (Some of the team look confused) The formula I injected myself with contained the DNA of two animals. The antidote Owen and I made only works on formulas with the DNA of one animal.

(Jack decides to get everyone back on the rescue plan.)

Jack (after pressing a few keys and bringing up the schematics of Ecirc’s place): Okay, according to Glaucus, Ecirc keeps most of her prisoners here. (He indicates to a couple of warehouses on the screen) They’re probably heavily guarded by now. Gwen, I want you to go with Owen. Take out the guards, and help distribute the antidote among the people. (Gwen nods back in response. Jack then looks at Ianto) Ianto, get the pills. I don’t want Ecirc’s people remembering who their working for. (Ianto nods back. Jack then points to another place on the screen) This is where Ecirc stores the formula. I would like every one of them destroyed.

Glaucus: I’ll help. (Everyone looks at Glaucus) I take no pride in creating them. I would to see them gone.

Jack (smiling at Glaucus): Okay then. (He indicates to another place on the screen) Gwen, Owen, you enter here. (He points to somewhere else on the screen) Ianto, you enter here. Glaucus-um . . .

Glaucus: I know where I can go without being seen.

Jack: Good. (He looks at Tosh): How are you doing on Ecirc’s bank accounts?

Tosh (sighing in frustration, as she works at her computer): Working on it. I don’t even recognize some of these codes. Ecirc must have gotten her hands on some alien computer codes. If I want to access her bank accounts, I need to do it from her main computer.

Glaucus (pointing to the screen closest to him): Her office is in here. That’s where you’ll find her computer.

Owen (looking at where Glaucus has pointed): What? On the first floor?

Glaucus: Ecirc wanted to see me in her office daily . . . for different reasons . . . She moved her office downstairs so she wouldn’t have to built a waterway upstairs. (He then indicates another room) I suggest going to this room first.

Jack: What’s in there?

Glaucus: Ecirc’s trophy room. You will find the items Ecirc confiscated from you in there.

(Jack smiles.)

Jack: All right. Tosh, you’re coming with me to Ecirc’s mansion. (He indicates a place on the screen) We’ll enter through here. (He looks at his team) Are there any questions? (There are none) Okay, then let’s ready!

(Everyone gets prepared.)

Jack (as he leaves): Oh, and Owen (Owen looks at Jack) you’re carrying Glaucus back.

(Owen grumbles and swears.)


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